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                      • Excellent course and I will recommend it widely...
                        Ellen Krabbe Fasttrac User
                      • My whole life has changed because of Fast Track. First of all, I would encourage any entrepreneur, anybody who even wants to do any kind of business at all understanding how to operate a business, how to just the structure of things, it was just beyond words of what I learned just like in week one.
                        Ay Young Fasttrac User
                      • I can remember the very first day when I walked in. They said, "What is your exit plan?" I had no idea what they meant. That has been a huge guiding force for us over the years because we now know what our exit plan is, so everything we do is aimed that way.
                        Kelly Wilson Fasttrac User
                      • I LOVE the tools. They get right to the meat of the matter and are easy for me to find in my Workspace.
                        Mary Ellen 'Mel' Spera Fasttrac User
                      • So much useful information!
                        Tiffany Nixon Fasttrac User
                      • Love that you included this content in the material - so important to get the co-founders beliefs at the outset!! Bravo!
                        Greg Saltsman FastTrac User & Principal at Southern Oak Consulting
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